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Hair Quality

 Finding the best high quality Indian
Remy hair is a very important step if you want an undetectable natural look. It is also important if you want your it to look beautiful and last a long time with out tangling or shedding. High quality Indian Remy hair can be expensive, so you have to look at it is an investment. As much as we would like thing to be inexpensive good quality just never is. Be sure you are buying good quality hair. It is easy to waste your time and money by purchasing a inferior hair product. Just because it is 100% human hair does not mean that it is of good quality, or that it will last a long time. Some suppliers will buy and sell old dry hair at premium prices. So do your research and you will find the best hair you ever used.

Non remy
Non remy hair is poor quality hair.  The hair has been highly processed in large mixed batches.  The hair is not kept in its original root-to-tip position.  Through over-processing, the cuticle has been partially removed, and is left spikey along the hair shaft.  This leads to issues with tangling as the spikey part-cuticles are in opposite directions, allowing them to cause friction and serious problems with tangling.
This hair should be avoided at all cost. The hair strands (cuticles) are facing in different directions so it will tangle, that is guaranteed
**The difference, Remy or Non Remy?: Although it is very easy to tell the difference between Remy and Non Remy hair a week after you have your hair extensions applied, it is not easy to tell the difference before they are applied.  The hair suppliers spray all hair with silicone spray when they package it, and so all hair is quite silky and smooth while still in the packaging.   Once you wash the hair for the first time, this is when you'll know whether you have purchased remy or non-remy hair.   The Remy hair behaves like your hair does.  The Non Remy is like a doll's hair.  It will tangle up and be very hard to style.**
I offer great prices as i'm mobile so i have no overheads that a salon would, i pride myself on offering the best service at the best price



Remy Hair

Remy hair the highest quality hair you could purchase for hair extensions.  All our remy human hair products are 100% remy human hair which can be coloured without losing its high quality.  With its cuticles intact and all aligned, you will not experience any matting or tangling.  Our remy hair is supplied by xtensions and hairstyles and it is not readily accessible on the open market.  

Indian Remy Hair (Standard)

High quality Indian remy hair which is sourced outside the Temples making our standard hair affordable.  This hair is 100% Indian remy hair collected from different donors and bundled together and factory processed.   

Indian 'Temple' Hair (Premium)

Now available, ethically sourced Indian 'Temple' remy hair. This hair is not factory processed.  However, originally, Indian virgin hair having undergone careful precolouring we bring to you a wide variety of vibrant natural colours.  THIS REALLY IS THE BEST HAIR YOU CAN GET, its same as great lengths and cinderella. The hair length provide approx. 1-2 inches more to allow for trimming during styling. This hair is sutiable for European and Afro hair types.


Fusion Bond - most popular extension method. Hair is pre tipped with keratin (not glue) which is heated into the hair to create small bonds. The extensions are removed easily and safetly using a solution created to break down the keratin bonds. Pre Bonded Extensions are available in 16 to 24 inch and will last upto 3 months, or if desired, can be rotated on a monthly basis so extensions can be worn permantley. Application time 2-3 hours
Micro Rings - New Hair System uses the superior attachment method using specially designed Micro-Cylinders. These cylinders are a vast improvement to the common wefting methods in use today. Not only are they light, flexible, and easy to install and remove, Micro-Cylinders do not require sticky glues for attachment or strong solvents for removal. Anyone familiar with hair systems knows the damage that these harsh chemicals can cause. The Micro-Cylinder attachment can be removed without pulling your hair out. The creation and use of Micro-Cylinder Technology has shown us that they are superior. Last 8-10 weeks as long as the aftercare program is followed.

About our human hair...

We offer you the best quality 100% remi human hair


Indian Remy (Virgin precoloured) human hair has been pre-bonded using keratin glue for quick installation.  Collected from one donor, and with a good ratio of long lengths this hair will create a natural blend with your own hair

 I specialise in extensions for all requirements. Most clients have extensions to add both length and thickness, but you may only want to add some thickness and volume without actually adding any length, or even add length without adding volume. I can also create highlights from just using extensions so that you don't damage your hair by colouring it and drying it out. 

I offer a free consultation before the fitting so you can find out everything you need to know about what is involved before deciding whether to go ahead. I will discuss all your requirements with you, answer any questions you have, and colour match your hair for the perfect extension colour
The hair extensions generally take around 2 -3 hours to be applied and will last for if they are looked after properly. It is always best to follow the recommended aftercare instructions and have the extensions maintained after 4 - 6 weeks.

Hair Extension Aftercare

Aftercare products required for hair extensions
It is recommended that you use a clarifying shampoo throughout the lifetime of your hair extensions. This is a deep cleansing shampoo which removes styling products and deposits left on the hair. Shampoo which contains silicon is not good for the fusion extensions as it slowly breaks down the bonds. I also find that shampoo with fruit extracts can also break down bonds. I have many clients who swear by baby shampoo and conditioner. You can buy shampoo and conditioner for extensions (I like the l'anza range) but they are quite expensive, I can buy these for you if u wanted them.
When conditioning hair only condition the mid lengths to ends as conditioner can break down the bonds or cause slippage on rings.

Make sure that you dry your hair thoroughly, the bonds can weaken if they are left wet. This is especially important for  pre bonded or micro rings. Try not to stress the hair when it is wet and avoid excessive tugging.

It is recommended that you do not wash your hair for at least 48 hours after the extensions are fitted. If glue methods have been used this allows time for it to properly set.
You can wash your hair as often as you like but the less stress put on the bonds the better make sure you brush your hair and detangle thoroughly before you wash, do not pile you hair on top of your head and scrub, the best way to wash is to wash the top of your head as you normally would but then let the shampoo run down the length of the hair. When you have your conditioner on, comb the hair through to untangle. Try to hold the hair at the root to avoid stressing the bonds. Do not rub the hair too vigorously when drying on a towel as this can tangle it. You can use hairdryers and straighteners on the hair but avoid direct heat on the bonds, it is important to dry your hair as if the bonds are left wet they will weaken.

Brushing and Styling
When brushing extensions try to use a soft bristle brush or a tangle teaser as this will cause minimal damage to your extensions. A hard brush can often pull the hair out. Do not use brushes with balls on the end of the bristles as these will rip and tear at the extension hair. You may lose some bonds through brushing but these can be replaced on your maintenance visits. Don't be afraid to brush at the roots - you need to do this to get rid of naturally shed hairs or they will cause matting.
Human hair extensions can be straightened, curled cut and blow dried but please do not put hair straighteners or tongs directly on fusion bonds as this can weaken them.
If your hair is coloured you may have your roots touched up during the life of the extensions but  If you wish to have a full head colour a strand test needs to be done on your own hair and the extensions as they may not colour the same.
If you wish for a change whilst you have your extensions in bonds can always be removed and replaced with accent colours.

Maintenance and Removal
It is advisable to have a maintenance appointment every 4 - 6 weeks to have the bonds checked and resealed if necessary, during this appointment any loose bonds can be taken out and new ones put in. It is quite normal for you to lose some bonds after this period due to natural hair shedding. These can be easily replaced and any weak bonds adjusted. If you do not brush your hair correctly matting can occur at the roots - this is caused by hair that has naturally shed being caught up in the bonds, it then wraps around the extensions-, a maintenance appointment will be able to sort this out but beware if the roots are excessively matted bonds may have to be removed to comb out the matts and this will cost extra to replace the hair and for the extra time taken. This can be easily avoided by using a good bristle brush or a tangle teaser brush. As the bonds grow down you will find your brush snags in them more and may pull them out. This is my you must get your hair maintance.

Extension removal should cause little pain and discomfort when done correctly, if you choose to remove them yourself or have them removed at another salon please make sure the correct removal solution is used. The solution I use will dissolve the bonds and allow the extension to slip away easily. Micro ring removal is done with a special tool. None of these techniques will cause damage to your hair, damage only occurs when extensions are picked or pulled out. If you wish to remove them yourself please ask to buy the remover from me.

And finally...
Extensions need maintaining and looking after, they are not an easy way out of looking after your hair. You need to be willing to take the time to care for them for them to keep looking good.
Enjoy them and love them and take the time to get used to them, it will take you a few days to get used to the feel of them but it is worth it!

Its normal to lose up to 50 - every 6 - 8 weeks.. some people can lose more, some won't lose any at all but will need some taken out and new hair puts back in once they start growing down. That why its important to have a top up done every 6 - 8 weeks as everyones hair is different.

One of the main things that will make you lose extensions is ..

1. Leaving your hair wet (water will break down the bond)

2. Conditioner on the bonds (break down the bonds and can cause them to slip out)

3. Greasy hair  (break down the bonds and can cause them to slip out)

4. Using to hot heat on the bond (will weaken the bond)

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